capri, a script language

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Project parts & integration

The project consists of multiple parts:

The parser library contains the parser and the AST node structure of capri. You can integrate either only the parser, or the interpreter library in any kind of program to make use of its respective feature.

Building capri

To build capri you need to have GCC and bash installed on your system. On Windows you will need Cygwin. Each part of the project contains a script that builds the respective part.

To perform a normal installation, switch into the capri-cli folder and run:

sh all install

This will install to the following folders

You should now be able to run capri from your shell.

To install capri to a different folder, you can use the --prefix flag. On Windows for example you can either keep the default path (it will then be installed into your Cygwin directory) or specify your own installation path like this:

sh all install --prefix="C:/Program Files (x86)/capri"

To cross-compile the program, you can use the variables:

CC=i686-myos-g++ LD=i686-myos-g++ AR=i686-myos-ar sh all

MinGW in Cygwin

If you want to use the MinGW compiler in Cygwin, you can add the following parameter:

sh all cygwin-mingw