capri, a script language

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Basic usage

To simply run the build.capri file in the current directory, use:


You can also pass the name of the task to execute it like this:

capri myTask

For details on this, see the launching parameter rules.

Main script

The main script is script that is loaded by the command-line interface first. Unless a script is specified with the flag, the program looks for a script named "build.capri" within the current working directory.

Launching parameter rules

All arguments that are passed to capri, which are no flags, are interpreted as expressions. These expressions are interpreted after the main script was loaded successfully. When an argument results in a task value, this task is executed (this means that passing the name of a task results in the task being called with no arguments).

When no arguments are passed, then

When only the name of a task is passed, then


The command line interface is used to start capri scripts. The following flags are available:

All other arguments are handled as specified below in the launching rules.