capri, a script language

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Capri is a portable script language with an intuitive syntax, high flexibility, extensibility and a variety of features that make it easy to write platform-independent scripts for multiple purposes.

It was intentionally designed for building software projects with a complex build process that must work on a number of different platforms. It is the official build system of the Ghost Kernel.

The project is open-source and licensed under the GPLv3.



These are the source release archives. You can view the files in the source browser.

Quick installation

Use the following commands to unpack and install capri. If you want more details, see the build & installation page.

tar -xf capri-2.1.0-src.tar.gz
cd capri-2.1.0-src/capri-cli
sh all install


Version 2.1.0


If you want to take part in development, have any questions or found a bug, feel free to contact me at

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